It’s easy to get caught up in work or to feel that taking a lunch break would greatly disrupt your productivity, and sometimes that is the case. However, taking a lunch break most days is a healthy choice and one that can actually greatly benefit your productivity. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of taking a midday break.

Brain Function

Eating food and eating the right food can greatly improve and increase brain function. Like we said earlier, it’s easy to skip lunch, but our brains need glucose to keep working at its best. Foods that help brain function are fish, dark chocolate, nuts, seeds, avocado, blueberries, whole grains, and raw carrots!

Better Concentration

It’s easy to feel like if you take a break, you are going to lose direction in your project. However, the best thing for your concentration can be actually taking a break—even one as short as 15-20 minutes can greatly aid your ability to concentrate. Not taking a break can actually decrease the ability to create.

For Mindfulness

Many feel that to be mindful, they must spend time doing yoga, meditating, or taking long hours out of their day, but taking a lunch can be also be an act of mindfulness. It is taking a short time out of your work day that is probably all about someone one else to reaffirm your needs and to nourish your body.

Naps Improve Memory

If you struggle to even take a lunch break, we’re sure that you will probably not even consider a nap. However, taking a midday nap can greatly improve your memory and give your brain the the rest it needs to help you finish your daily tasks.

Ready For Lunch?

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