Welcome to Sushi Joa!

At Sushi Joa, you will feel like you are a part of our family. From our family recipes to your plate, our restaurant is serving up the freshest, most delicious, and authentic Japanese inspired meals in town. Our knowledgeable staff is friendly and always encouraging our customers to try something new. You never know, it might just become your next regular! We like to make sure you feel like comfortable and like you are a part of our family. At Sushi Joa, we do not only care about feeding you, but getting to know you and your family as a part of our own.  Sushi Joa provides a home for all our customers, but also likes to extend the welcome and love to our community.  We provide community donations to schools and local nonprofits through fundraising. You are our neighbors, and we would do anything to be there for you!    

Sushi Joa is a fun, friendly, family environment for you to satisfy your hunger and leave happy. Our menu ranges from traditional Korean and Japanese cuisine to creative and new sushi rolls you won’t see anywhere else. Fresh fish, noodles, salads and sake; what more could you ask for at lunch and dinner time? From sushi rolls that encompass a variety of textures and flavors, to sake that can’t be found anywhere else, Sushi Joa has it all. The freshest fish is combined with expertly made rice to give you an explosion of the best sushi in town. If you are looking to have a little fun, our staff would be happy to suggest one of our unique sakes for the ideal pairing of food and drink. Sushi Joa has a comprehensive list of unique sake; try one, try many, love them all!. Sushi Joa is easy to get to and even easier to love.