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chopstickFor most people, using chopsticks can be intimidating the first couple of times, but once you’ve got the hang of it, they can make any meal at Sushi Joa a fun one. Whether you’re a first time user of chopsticks, or you’ve been using them for years, knowing what the do’s and don’ts of chopstick etiquette are can help ensure that you aren’t offending anyone during a meal. From our family to yours, here are a few of the basics when it comes to chopstick etiquette.

Don’t cross your chopsticks after a meal.

Whether on your plate, bowl or on the table, this is something that makes people cringe. Not only is bad form to cross the end of your chopsticks that you use to eat, but it is also something that people use when they were displeased with a meal. Somewhere along the lines we got to thinking that crossed silverware, or in this case chopsticks, meant we were done, but this is actually one of the most offensive things you can do at a Japanese restaurant.

Rubbing your chopsticks together.

This is one of the things that can be seen almost anywhere that has the wooden chopsticks that come stuck together. This should only be done when chopsticks have a chance of splintering, in which case the chopsticks themselves are fairly cheap. When you do this, you are implicating that you think the chopsticks at the restaurant, are cheap.

These two rules are ones that are commonly known in the Japanese culture, and will leave people offended if they notice them. Avoid stepping on any toes while you’re out by making sure that you’re aware of the etiquette of the culture while using chopsticks. Now that you have a better idea of how to use chopsticks properly, join us for a delicious Japanese cuisine meal here at Sushi Joa in Kirkland.

Sushi Joa was established with our customers in mind. Our family-owned business carries our family’s traditional cuisine from our home to your plate. Each dish and roll are made with you in mind. We want to provide our customers with that homemade feel, everything made exactly to order and with love. From our talented sushi chefs to our servers, Sushi Joa is your homemade meal that you don’t have to make. Authentic world taste, locally brought to you.

Explore our tasty menu with fresh options made daily, just for you! All of our fish is always fresh, and provided by dependable catchers so we can guarantee you the best sushi you have ever had! We provide quality not quantity and create each roll with love and passion. Come in today and try a variety of Japanese and Korean cuisine. Treat yourself. With classic rolls, appetizers, noodles, and sake, we can satisfy your every craving. Open for lunch and dinner.

We strive to provide a warm and inviting family friendly atmosphere for our customers to enjoy delicious Asian cuisine. We are committed to knowing all of our customers and listening to what they want. We hear and provide for your needs to give you delicious food you can’t resist. Want to try something new? Our knowledgeable staff can tell you what you may like best and pair one of our great sakes with any meal choice. We want our customers to feel invited to dinner at our kitchen table; they are part of our family as soon as they come through our doors.

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I consistently get great sushi here

I love Sushi Joa. I consistently get great sushi here. They also have a killer fried rice on the takeout menu. Their staff is amazing… I moved off the island in July and I drove over there…Read More

Allison S., Seattle, WA

This place was great before, now it’s even better.

This place was great before, now it’s even better. Wonderful staff, decent prices, and the best fried tofu that you could ever imagine. Seriously, I have never had anything like this tofu,…Read More

WA S., Junction, Seattle, WA

Food is always awesome and delicious…

Lived in Mercer Island for our first year of marriage and now living 15 miles away and still making the drive for this awesome sushi! Always get the to agadashi tofu and several rolls whethe…Read More

Adri A., Newcastle, WA