lobSo you’ve set a date, researched the restaurant where you’ll partake in the best Japanese Cuisine, and know the basics of a sushi meal, now it’s time to get ready to be the best sushi date!

Be Adventurous

Being a great date, in general is all about being open to new things and sometimes, within reason, going with the flow. Sushi is all about adventurous eating! As many have said, you have to leave your pickiness at the door, and let yourself be open to try new things. Sushi offers a wide variety of flavors and even if something “sounds weird,” you never know: It might be your next favorite sushi dish! Above all else, DO NOT make a face or make negative comments about the menu; not only is it impolite, but it’s just unflattering behavior.


Sushi is meant to be shared, making it one of the best communal dinners and another way of connecting with your date! The menu of authentic Japanese cuisine and sushi can be overwhelming and you won’t want to choose just one sushi roll. Order two to three rolls, depending on your budget and try something new, or enjoy a favorite together. Also, sushi can be expensive and add up quickly; sharing sushi is the best financial decision for both you and your date, if you plan on splitting the check.

Pair It

To experience sushi and Japanese cuisine fully, have a full dinner in mind. Sushi is best paired with with traditional Japanese Sake, a warm alcoholic beverage or with tea, and with an appetizer of edamame, miso soup, calamari tempura, or one of Sushi Joa’s many delicious hot starters. Be sure to save room for dessert, because a great meal should always end on a sweet note. Try traditional mochi ice cream or Sushi Joa’s to die for tempura Ice cream in green tea or strawberry! If you plan to order dessert, try to communicate that to your date before hand so he or she can plan. Nobody likes trying to eat dessert on a already full stomach, especially on a date!

Being taken out on a sushi date can mean that your date is serious about you or at least wants to impress you! Be the best sushi date, by knowing the basics, and being open to new things! Also, come to Sushi Joa for the best Japanese Cuisine in Kirkland and bring your date!

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