12082-cta2Now that you know the basics of sushi, and you know basic sushi etiquette, it’s time to prepare for the date itself!

What to Order

What if your date wanted to try sushi, but isn’t keen on it? There are plenty of other options at Sushi Joa’s Japanese Restaurant!

Bento Box

A great suggestion is a Bento box! A Bento box can comes your choice of a protein, either tempura fried, marinated in Teriyaki or other spices. All Bento boxes come with salad, miso soup, and white rice!

Appetizer it Up

Another option is to share appetizers! You still get to experience sharing food together, and can taste a variety of food. At our restaurant, we have many choices, both hot and cold starters. And always remember to end the meal with our mochi ice cream or tempura ice cream. We also serve many sides, so you can build the meal that whets your appetite!

misoWhat to do

You’ve already chosen a great Japanese restaurant and you’ve done your homework! Now it’s time to prepare for the actual date!

Ask Questions

Everyone likes to talk about themselves. Before going on your date, think of questions to ask your date; you will learn more about the person and whether you want to go out with them again. By asking questions, you show genuine interest, which goes a long way in the current dating atmosphere.


Active listening is a lost art; focusing in and actually taking in what a person is saying will guarantee you a lot of points in the dating game. Be sure to look your date in the eye when you speak to them and avoid looking around at the other restaurant patrons.

We at Sushi Joa, a Japanese restaurant in Kirkland, wish you all the best in your search for love and guarantee, that no matter what the outcome of the date is, you will enjoy delicious food!

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