1. Why is Japanese Cuisine so Healthy?

    If you’ve been trying to lose weight or generally create a healthier lifestyle for yourself, you’ve probably realized that fad diets just don’t work. Sure, you may see some results upfront, but those results quickly peter out after a couple weeks, when your body adjusts to the change. Instead of switching from diet to diet, a lifestyle change can be vastly more beneficial in the long term. T…Read More

  2. What Makes Japanese Cuisine Different?

    America has played host to Japanese restaurants for decades now, but if you feel like you’ve been seeing a marked increase in popularity in recent years, you aren’t wrong! Between the increasing number of sushi restaurants across the country and the number of shows featuring Japanese cuisine on channels like the Food Network, it’s easier than ever to learn more about this distinctive cuisine…Read More

  3. How Sushi Went Global

    Today, sushi is a popular subset of Japanese cuisine all over the world. It’s rare that one even has to explain to a friend what sushi is, and many of Americans have grown up eating sushi despite living in landlocked parts of the country away from fresh seafood! At Sushi Joa, we are understandably sushi-crazy. Read on for a brief detailing of the lengthy history of our favorite part of Japanese …Read More

  4. Be the Best Sushi Date – Part 2

    So you’ve set a date, researched the restaurant where you’ll partake in the best Japanese Cuisine, and know the basics of a sushi meal, now it’s time to get ready to be the best sushi date! Be Adventurous Being a great date, in general is all about being open to new things and sometimes, within reason, going with the flow. Sushi is all about adventurous eating! As many have said, you have to…Read More

  5. Delectable Dishes To Pair With Your Sushi Dinner

    Sushi is a fairly light meal. Between the savory fish, filling rice and light components that make up your common roll, it’s a meal that does exactly what every good meal should: provide you with nutrients and kick any hunger to the curb. If you’re someone that usually loads up on food when out for a meal, a standard sushi dish may not be enough to hold you down. The good news is, sushi isn’…Read More

  6. Why Is Ginger Served With Your Sushi

    When you enjoy a delicious Japanese course at Sushi Joa, you’ll notice that you are always served a side of ginger and wasabi. This is custom for Japanese cuisine. While you may just be eating your sushi without questioning the purpose of this is, or have always just seen it as a garnish, we would like to explain to you why this is done. The ginger that you are served is known as Gari, which is …Read More