As the holiday season approaches, there will be parties and get-togethers nearly every weekend and even during the week! Between work, your other weekly commitments, and ferrying your kids to their usual activities, those parties just compound the crazy. All the bustle can make it hard to enjoy time together.

We at Sushi Joa understand how important family is, especially during the holidays. You don’t want to miss out on creating special memories because you’re too busy! This holiday season, be sure you set aside time to embrace your holiday traditions or start new ones to bring your family together!

Start With Thanksgiving

Instead of the traditional turkey, stuffing, and half-a-dozen pies, focus on the intent of the holiday: being thankful. Think about branching out and creating a meal of everyone’s favorite foods instead of what is traditional. This will be easier to prepare and give you more time to spend together instead of spending hours in the kitchen frustrated! Keep in mind, family favorites don’t have to be homemade. Sushi or other Japanese cuisine from Sushi Joa will be just as meaningful and make dinner preparations easier!

Holiday Parties

With all the potluck parties to find dishes for, don’t sweat the hassle: order a platter of sushi to go, which you can pick up on the way to the party! It’s a festive party favorite that will stand out amidst the trays of heavy casseroles and greasy appetizers. Or, if you need a break from all the rich party food, visit Sushi Joa in Mercer Island for a light, flavorful meal of sushi and all your Japanese cuisine favorites.

Christmastime Memories

When it comes to Christmas itself, setting aside time to be with your family is of vital importance. Bring back traditions from your childhood to share with your kids or start new ones to really embrace the time together. Whether it is watching a classic Christmas movie together before Santa comes or sharing a festive meal with champagne (and sparkling cider) on Christmas day, those little details will add up to strong memories as your children grow.

This holiday season, let Sushi Joa take away some of the stress of the holiday season so you can enjoy time with your family. Call us today to reserve your sushi platter from your favorite sushi place at our Kirkland or Mercer Island locations!