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misoSushi is a fairly light meal. Between the savory fish, filling rice and light components that make up your common roll, it’s a meal that does exactly what every good meal should: provide you with nutrients and kick any hunger to the curb. If you’re someone that usually loads up on food when out for a meal, a standard sushi dish may not be enough to hold you down. The good news is, sushi isn’t the only Japanese cuisine offered at Sushi Joa. If you want to build your meal with even more delicious Japanese cuisine, here are a few of the dishes that never fail to become favorites.


This delicious side dish also makes a great appetizer! Edamame is a immature soybean that are still in the pod. These bright green pods are usually boiled or steamed in their pods before serving, and then lightly salted. Because the soybeans are still young, this dish is softer and easy to eat. Simply place the pod to your mouth, squeeze the pod to push the soybeans into your mouth, and enjoy!


In its entirety, Miso is a Japanese seasoning that is used for a wide range of recipes. Miso is the end result of fermenting soybeans with salt, as well as a fungus known as Aspergillus oryzae. At times, other ingredients like barley and rice may be added to the fermentation process to provide an entirely new flavor. Miso can be used in soups, pastes or on vegetables, to create delicious meals. We recommend a miso soup before your meal.

Sushi Joa incorporates our own family recipes into the menu, making every dish a special one. Next time you stop in, enjoy one of our appetizers and sides with your sushi meal, and experience the full circle of Japanese cuisine.

Sushi Joa was established with our customers in mind. Our family-owned business carries our family’s traditional cuisine from our home to your plate. Each dish and roll are made with you in mind. We want to provide our customers with that homemade feel, everything made exactly to order and with love. From our talented sushi chefs to our servers, Sushi Joa is your homemade meal that you don’t have to make. Authentic world taste, locally brought to you.

Explore our tasty menu with fresh options made daily, just for you! All of our fish is always fresh, and provided by dependable catchers so we can guarantee you the best sushi you have ever had! We provide quality not quantity and create each roll with love and passion. Come in today and try a variety of Japanese and Korean cuisine. Treat yourself. With classic rolls, appetizers, noodles, and sake, we can satisfy your every craving. Open for lunch and dinner.

We strive to provide a warm and inviting family friendly atmosphere for our customers to enjoy delicious Asian cuisine. We are committed to knowing all of our customers and listening to what they want. We hear and provide for your needs to give you delicious food you can’t resist. Want to try something new? Our knowledgeable staff can tell you what you may like best and pair one of our great sakes with any meal choice. We want our customers to feel invited to dinner at our kitchen table; they are part of our family as soon as they come through our doors.

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I consistently get great sushi here

I love Sushi Joa. I consistently get great sushi here. They also have a killer fried rice on the takeout menu. Their staff is amazing… I moved off the island in July and I drove over there…Read More

Allison S., Seattle, WA

This place was great before, now it’s even better.

This place was great before, now it’s even better. Wonderful staff, decent prices, and the best fried tofu that you could ever imagine. Seriously, I have never had anything like this tofu,…Read More

WA S., Junction, Seattle, WA

Food is always awesome and delicious…

Lived in Mercer Island for our first year of marriage and now living 15 miles away and still making the drive for this awesome sushi! Always get the to agadashi tofu and several rolls whethe…Read More

Adri A., Newcastle, WA