DSC_0178Sushi has been around for ages, starting in Asia and making its way to Japan, folktales and legends tell of the origin of sushi. In an ancient Japanese wives’ tale, an elderly woman had to hide her pots of rice so that thieves wouldn’t steal them. As time went on she noticed that the rice had begun to ferment. Scraps of fish from the osprey’s meal had mixed into the rice, but it made a delicious combination. An added benefit was that the rice actually preserved the shelf life of the seafood. While this is a Japanese wives’ tale, history shows the true origin of sushi happening in Asia when people would cook fish and it would ferment the rice.

As Buddhism spread, the Japanese culture relied heavily on fish as a source of protein in their diet.  As the process developed, chefs realized that the fermentation process didn’t require long amounts of time in order for the dish to be delicious. Combinations were created and the dish evolved. As this happened, Japanese families found flavors that complimented each other and they became delicious and historic family recipes.

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