As we talked about in our last blog, lunch is important not only for your brain’s function, but also your wellbeing. There are of course many places to eat lunch in Kirkland, but when you’re craving delicious food and looking for a Japanese restaurant that won’t do your taste buds wrong, you should head over to Sushi Joa. If you visit us for lunch, here is how to do lunch with us well.

Small Plates

If you are hungry and ready to eat, getting a small plate can be a great place to start. We offer a Spicy Salmon Popper, a flavorful cream cheese stuffed jalapeno tempura with sweet sauce, spicy mayo, masago, and green onions, Kaki-Furai, Panko breaded oysters deep fried and served with tonkatsu sauce, and so many other delicious options including classic Edamame. We promise that as soon as you open your menu, your mouth will start watering!

Sushi Rolls

At our Japanese restaurant, we really love sushi—obviously, it’s in our name. We serve up many of the classic sushi rolls that sushi lovers crave, like Philadelphia Rolls, Alaska Rolls, and the popular California Roll. However, we also give the sushi lovers that come to our Japanese restaurant even more sushi delights: 7th Heaven Roll with snow crab, mayo, cucumber, & avocado; Tarantula Roll with fried soft shell crab, spicy tuna & jalapeno slices, topped with avocado slices, spicy mayo, & masago; and the Seattle Tempura Roll with salmon, cream cheese, avocado & tempura fried and sweet sauce. Is your mouth watering yet? This isn’t even half of our menu!

Hungry Yet?

In addition to sushi and our small plates, we also offer flavorful salads for those wanting a lighter option, as well as lunch plates, lunch bowls, and bento boxes that all give you combination of the delicious and filling eats you can find on our menu! Check out our menu here and be sure to stop in for lunch with at our Japanese restaurant in Kirkland soon!