springtimeWhile sushi is easy to enjoy every season throughout the year, there are different types of fish and sushi that come into season throughout the year. Just so that you can get the absolute most out of these delectable dishes while the fish is fresh and in season, we’re going to provide you with a few of the types of sushi as well as some of the fish, that are going to be in season this spring.

Spanish Mackerel or Sawara

Caught in the waters surrounding Japan, primarily off Russia, Korea and China, this specific fish is popular from August through the end of spring. Known as the best Mackerel throughout Japan because of it’s white fleshy meat and ease of cooking.


Scallops are another popular item on the menu that are in season this spring. Found in many of our rolls, scallops offer a meaty form of protein with bold flavors. Most scallops that we get to enjoy across the world are actually caught in Japan.


Croaker fish are another example of meaty protein that you can enjoy in sushi. While difficult to find in some sushi restaurants, there are a couple different types of Croaker, all that are in season during the spring. Enjoy as a roll or as nigiri, but it’s definitely worth trying during the spring.

Enjoy these different types of fish and sushi that is currently in season, when you visit Sushi Joa. We bring our family recipes to the community of Mercer Island. Stop in today and enjoy the best Japanese cuisine in the area.