1. How Do You Do Lunch in Kirkland?

    As we talked about in our last blog, lunch is important not only for your brain’s function, but also your wellbeing. There are of course many places to eat lunch in Kirkland, but when you’re craving delicious food and looking for a Japanese restaurant that won’t do your taste buds wrong, you should head over to Sushi Joa. If you visit us for lunch, here is how to do lunch with us well. Small…Read More

  2. 4 Reasons to Take a Lunch Break

    It’s easy to get caught up in work or to feel that taking a lunch break would greatly disrupt your productivity, and sometimes that is the case. However, taking a lunch break most days is a healthy choice and one that can actually greatly benefit your productivity. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of taking a midday break. Brain Function Eating food and eating the right food can greatly …Read More

  3. Grab Lunch at Your Local Japanese Restaurant in Mercer Island

    Some would say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We at Sushi Joa don’t necessarily disagree, but we would say that lunch is just as important because it keeps you going after your breakfast has worn off and is a great break between the doldrums of work. We can’t guarantee the food of any other restaurant that offers lunch, but we can guarantee that if you stop into Sushi Jo…Read More

  4. Why is Japanese Cuisine so Healthy?

    If you’ve been trying to lose weight or generally create a healthier lifestyle for yourself, you’ve probably realized that fad diets just don’t work. Sure, you may see some results upfront, but those results quickly peter out after a couple weeks, when your body adjusts to the change. Instead of switching from diet to diet, a lifestyle change can be vastly more beneficial in the long term. T…Read More

  5. How is Sushi Seaweed made?

    Anyone who has enjoyed sushi, whether in Japan or at their local Japanese restaurant, surely understands just how integral sushi seaweed (nori) is to every roll, wrap, or bite of so many varieties of sushi. Imagine what your favorite sushi rolls would be like without that umami salty sea flavor enhancing the combination of rice and fish! Because nori is a naturally growing product, it involves a b…Read More

  6. What Makes Japanese Cuisine Different?

    America has played host to Japanese restaurants for decades now, but if you feel like you’ve been seeing a marked increase in popularity in recent years, you aren’t wrong! Between the increasing number of sushi restaurants across the country and the number of shows featuring Japanese cuisine on channels like the Food Network, it’s easier than ever to learn more about this distinctive cuisine…Read More

  7. How Sushi Went Global

    Today, sushi is a popular subset of Japanese cuisine all over the world. It’s rare that one even has to explain to a friend what sushi is, and many of Americans have grown up eating sushi despite living in landlocked parts of the country away from fresh seafood! At Sushi Joa, we are understandably sushi-crazy. Read on for a brief detailing of the lengthy history of our favorite part of Japanese …Read More

  8. The Keys to Good Sushi Rice

    If you’re a sushi lover, you probably have a list of your favorite rolls, know which fish you’re in the mood for, which additional condiments come with each roll (if any), and know exactly how much wasabi you can handle. However, this list leaves out one of the most important components of sushi: the rice. At Sushi Joa, your Kirkland Japanese Restaurant, we understand that perfecting rice is a…Read More

  9. Be the Best Sushi Date – Part 3

    Now that you know the basics of sushi, and you know basic sushi etiquette, it’s time to prepare for the date itself! What to Order What if your date wanted to try sushi, but isn’t keen on it? There are plenty of other options at Sushi Joa’s Japanese Restaurant! Bento Box A great suggestion is a Bento box! A Bento box can comes your choice of a protein, either tempura fried, marinated in Teri…Read More

  10. Be the Best Sushi Date – Part 2

    So you’ve set a date, researched the restaurant where you’ll partake in the best Japanese Cuisine, and know the basics of a sushi meal, now it’s time to get ready to be the best sushi date! Be Adventurous Being a great date, in general is all about being open to new things and sometimes, within reason, going with the flow. Sushi is all about adventurous eating! As many have said, you have to…Read More