If you’ve never eaten sushi, or have only enjoyed it a couple of times, ordering off a menu at a sushi restaurant can be a bit intimidating. When you visit our family at sushi Joa, we want to make sure that you feel comfortable and at home, so we’ve provided a breakdown for the different types of sushi that we offer here at Sushi Joa in Kirkland. Between the nigiri, sashimi and your standard roll.


There are a couple different ways that nigiri is served, and more often than not, it varies in shape and the overall construction of the sushi. This type of sushi is a slice of raw fish that is atop an compact and oblong bit of rice. This type of sushi is usually served in pairs, and served with a small bit of wasabi between the mound of rice and the slice of raw fish. Certain types of Nigiri will have bit of seaweed wrapping it all together and adding an additional flavor.


This type of sushi is raw slices of fresh fish that are left on their own. This is usually separated from the rest of the sushi on the menu because it doesn’t incorporate any rice like the more common pieces of sushi do. These pieces of fish are usually cut very thin and served with separate bowls of rice and miso soup. The fresh fish is usually eaten prior so that the flavors of the other pieces don’t overpower your palate.

Standard Roll

The standard rolls that you will see on sushi menus will incorporate a variety of ingredients to provide you with a delightful blast of flavors. These rolls will include rice, seaweed, vegetables, some type of fish – cooked or uncooked – and then sauces or cream cheese. When you visit us at Sushi Joa, you can find sushi rolls that are more common, as well as a few of our specialty rolls. Find a roll that has ingredients you like and enjoy a meal with complex and delectable flavors.

Enjoy the wide variety of sushi at Sushi Joa. We incorporate a lot of our family’s history in our recipes, so you can assure that we welcome you as a part of our family every time you dine with us. Visit us in Kirkland and Mercer Island.