Mother’s Day is just around the corner, which means it’s time to treat your Mom to a special day in recognition for all she does for you and your family. Think back to last Mother’s Day. It was a while ago, we know, but hopefully you can remember what you did to give your mom a special day. Maybe you brought home an abundant bouquet of bright flowers for her to enjoy. Or maybe you chose a more lasting token like another bead for her customizable charm bracelet. Those are wonderful gifts and Mom probably appreciated them, but this year, instead of falling back on the same old gifts time and again, treat mom to a different gift this Mother’s Day: Take her out for a delicious dinner at your local Mercer Island sushi bar at Sushi Joa!


Give Mom a Break from Cooking

How often do you come home from work or school to find your mother (or the mother of your children) has taken the time to cook a delicious, well-rounded meal for you and your family? If Mom is the primary chef in your family, Mother’s Day is the perfect day to give her a break and treat her to a meal out. Don’t make her work on a day dedicated to celebrating all she does for your family! Of course, with all the effort she puts into meals for you and your family, day after day, dinner should be a special affair, not a quick trip to your local drive-thru. If you want to provide Mom a delicious and special meal, why not experience something new at your local sushi bar?


Variety is the Spice of Life

Thanks to the wide variety of sushi, sashimi, and other Japanese cuisine at Sushi Joa, there is something for everyone in the family and, best of all, it will be delicious and fresh! Call Sushi Joa today to reserve your table for Mother’s Day sushi!