When you get the chance to dine at Sushi Joa, and enjoy our Japanese cuisine, you can guarantee that we’ll ask if you’d like some sake with your meal. Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of it before, there are plenty of people who haven’t enjoyed sake with their meal, but the truth is you’re missing out. Our family wants to make sure that you enjoy your next meal by teaching you a little more about it and the proper way to enjoy it with your next meal.

Sake is a Japanese rice wine made with fermenting rice that has been cleaned and polished to remove any bran. Sake has a higher alcohol percentage than a majority of wines that you can find at a liquor store with an ABV between 15 and 20 percent. Sake is distinguished by how finely milled the rice is before the fermenting process. The more polished the rice is, the higher grade the sake becomes. Once you get into the higher levels of sake, you’ll find that there are more flavors for you to choose from.

When served sake, you can drink it warm or cold. The higher the quality of the sake, the more likely you’ll want to drink it chilled. If a sake can be served warm, you’ll find the suggestion  on the side of the bottle. Your sake will be brought to you in a porcelain flask with tiny ceramic cups. Enjoy these sakes with,or without, some tasty food. Ask your server which sake they suggest you pair with your meal, as some sakes are so delicate in their tones that they’re better to drink on their own.

The next time you visit our sushi bar, or order some of our Japanese cuisine, consider adding an order of sake. We will help you pair the perfect sake with your meal. Come and visit Sushi Joa in Mercer Island today, we’re excited to have you and treat you to some of our family’s greatest recipes!