When you enjoy a delicious Japanese course at Sushi Joa, you’ll notice that you are always served a side of ginger and wasabi. This is custom for Japanese cuisine. While you may just be eating your sushi without questioning the purpose of this is, or have always just seen it as a garnish, we would like to explain to you why this is done.

The ginger that you are served is known as Gari, which is homemade pickled ginger. It is intended to be eaten in between the different kinds of sushi that you order for a meal. So for instance, if you visit Sushi Joa here in Kirkland, and order a combo of our rolls, you would use the Gari when switching the roll that you’re eating. The pickled ginger is served because it helps clean your palate and taste buds and also enhances the flavors of the ingredients.

We especially recommend doing this when you go from, let’s say, a tempura roll to an eel Nigiri. These rolls differ in so many ways, that not cleansing your taste buds before enjoying the next roll really takes away from your meal.

Now, you’ll no longer wonder if the ginger on the side of your plate is simply a garnish, or if it’s something you’ll want to enjoy. If you’ve never enjoyed your sushi with a nice clean palette, make sure that you give it a try when you next come visit Sushi Joa. We recommend starting with smaller pieces, so that it isn’t an overwhelming taste you experience. Stop by Sushi Joa, in both Kirkland and Mercer Island, and enjoy some delicious Japanese Cuisine today.